“Are My Clients Really That Clueless?”

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Will this solution help you…

Save at least 1 hour this month?

Of endless back & forth to understand what the client is talking about?
We actually counted 4 hours saved per week per team member.

Expedite project completion?

By giving your client the most simple way to give you feedback?
Train them with just 1 sentence: “Jut click and comment”

Introduce your client to WordPress?

In an intuitive way that will not scare them off. This will result in less annoying small tasks and more meaningful features as they will (finally) understand the value that the website can bring to their business.

Get paid faster?

By giving your clients a process they can actually follow, you will dramatically reduce “client related delays” to help you reach that sweet final deposit quicker.

Brilliant idea, solid execution with attention to detail, rapid improvements and support, that’s top notch. Great work Vito and WPF team! I’m a big fan already πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯Karol Tesch
Awesome plugin. The first client that used with was very impressed.Rick Heijster
The first 2 clients that got exposed to it today are in love with it!!! You guys are nailing a much needed issue and I’ll be telling all of my other freelancers.Jeffery Smith
Wanted to take a moment and say how awesome this plugin is and how much I appreciate your personal responses!Heikki Heikkinen