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To Complete Projects 80% Faster

Every single Agency and Freelancer experiences bottlenecks in their project management they are not aware of.
What if we told you that they could be removed entirely with one hour of training,
saving you weeks on EVERY project.

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What’s Covered

  • Mapping Out The Components Of A Project

    We will be choosing someone who volunteers in the webinar to go through how they build a website.

  • Show The Common Pitfalls & Bottlenecks For Each Step

    Every agency will be experiencing these, and we’ll make you aware of where they’re happening in your project delivery.

  • Go Through Each Step Again But With Different Processes

    Creating a project flow that slides from one stage to the next, instead of pushing it up hill.

  • Removing YOU From The Center Of Communication

    Every agency owner begins being the center of everything, this is supposed to change as you grow. 90% of the time this isn’t the case.

  • How To Cut WEEKS From A Website Project

    It sounds unfeasible, but we promise that these new processes will cut your project delivery time by half.

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Only 48 Spaces Left

And get the chance to discuss your workflow with our Founder, Vito Peleg. With over 14 years experience delivering website projects, he will find the bottlenecks in your processes and show you how to eliminate them for good, saving you weeks in the process!

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