• Perhaps one of the best investments I've made this year—this software has streamlined the way I have clients review website builds. WP Feedback has already saved my countless hours of... read more

    Brian Kato Avatar
    Brian Kato

    Support and devs are highly focused on improving this new product.

    Craig Berry Avatar
    Craig Berry

    We've been working with the plugin with clients for the last couple of weeks and it has been phenomenal!

    Lee Jackson Avatar
    Lee Jackson

    WP Feedback saves us hours of back and forth with our clients and removes all the ambiguity from the conversation, allowing us to literally get on the same page and... read more

    Troy Dean Avatar
    Troy Dean

    Wow, such an amazing product and service! If it isn't enough that WP Feedback provides an amazing and well needed platform to communicate effectively with your clients; The personalized customer... read more

    Tony Richter Avatar
    Tony Richter

    Functionality, Ease of Use, Support, Development, Timesaver, ...

    Johannes Springer Avatar
    Johannes Springer
  • WP Feedback is an excellent solution for any team or #freelancer that wants to ease the process of revisions/proofing on a #WordPress website project with their clients. It offers a... read more

    David J Brooks Sr. Avatar
    David J Brooks Sr.

    Powerful software with a strong team and a dedicated founder 🔥🔥🔥

    Jan Koch Avatar
    Jan Koch

    If you haven't seen this plugin, go check it out. It's a game-changer for client communications!

    Kinsta Avatar

    Awesome plugin. Such a time saver and clients love it.

    Adam Helman Avatar
    Adam Helman

    Keep up the amazing work. So far the clients who's sites I've installed it on absolutely love it, and it has absolutely reduced the amount of time I've spent with... read more

    Adam Wills Avatar
    Adam Wills

    amazing plugin! i have been waiting for something like this for years. has both task management and wordpress frontend Qa rolled into one.

    Itiel Avraham Avatar
    Itiel Avraham
  • Excellent tool for managing clients content.

    Chris Bourne Avatar
    Chris Bourne

    Wanted to take a moment and say how awesome this plugin is and how much I appreciate your personal responses!

    Heikki Heikkinen Avatar
    Heikki Heikkinen

    You're listening! You're transparent! And it works!
    Three things we surprisingly can't really take for granted these days

    Noam Kfir Avatar
    Noam Kfir

    es la mejor herramienta que se pueda tener para realizar y aclarar tus proyectos con el tus clientes.

    Guillermo Barreto Santamaria Avatar
    Guillermo Barreto Santamaria

    Yes! The WP world must know! The
    WP Feedback people deserve a huge pat on the back for what they’ve built. Color me impressed.

    Raleigh Leslie Avatar
    Raleigh Leslie

    OMG this plugin make my life so much easier dealing with client requests. I would definitely recommend it. Their support is too notch too!

    Ed Booth Avatar
    Ed Booth
  • This has got to be one of the best WP plugins EVER! Unbelievably powerful product, along with outstanding service from the support team. #KICKASS

    John Comley Avatar
    John Comley

    Awesome tool for Wordpress developers. Really helps with clients who need to provide a visual understanding of site changes and or issues but do not have to go through the... read more

    Judd Dunagan Avatar
    Judd Dunagan

    Till now we've used BugHerd but being able to pay for a lifetime license vs monthly overhead to a SASS product is a game changer! And - it's all on... read more

    Codebrain Media Avatar
    Codebrain Media

    I just wanted to let you know how FREAKING HAPPY I am with this tool. Seriously - IN LOVE.
    You guys have ROCKED this O-U-T!

    Jack Pine Avatar
    Jack Pine

    I have installed it on a site and it is amazing. The integration, implementation and potential to establish realtime-trackable collaboration is outstanding. It’s like Google Wave and Slack hooked up... read more

    Kevin Oneill Avatar
    Kevin Oneill

    Saves TONS of time vs the usual back-and-forth, screenshots, etc. With WP Feedback, all parties can leave direct feedback on the exact elements of the page.

    And it does other nifty...
    read more

    Dave Foy Avatar
    Dave Foy
  • Brilliant idea, solid execution with attention to detail, rapid improvements and support, that’s top notch. Great work Vito and WPF team! I’m a big fan already

    Karol Tesch Avatar
    Karol Tesch

    This sounds like it could be perfect for dealing with clients where getting content out of them is akin to pulling teeth

    Andy Flint Avatar
    Andy Flint

    So easy to use, the team behind it is very implicated in the community. My client's words " This is perfect! We don't have to use other tools to discuss... read more

    Paul Aswad Avatar
    Paul Aswad

    Awesome plugin. The first client that used with was very impressed.

    Rick Heijster Avatar
    Rick Heijster

    Instead of using spreadsheets, countless emails, phone calls or even the costly advanced prototype, feedback and support tools found on the market; WP Feedback will allow your client to simply... read more

    Chris Hughes Avatar
    Chris Hughes

    Killer company/idea and Vito does not stop constantly enhancing it.

    Hans Skillrud Avatar
    Hans Skillrud
  • I am in love. Best tool ever.
    I can’t believe how easy it is to give feedback on the site and I’ve never seen a tool like this before. No more...
    read more

    Bridget Willard Avatar
    Bridget Willard

    I know the UserBack software we have been using was well accepted but yours looks leagues ahead of that.

    Cain Lazenby Avatar
    Cain Lazenby

    Fantastic product and great support.

    Elliot Sowersby Avatar
    Elliot Sowersby

    We're testing this plugin for our workflow to see if it helps with the all important getting content and feedback from clients. So far so good. We've had a couple... read more

    Jo Waltham Avatar
    Jo Waltham

    Vito, just wanted to give you some kudos, love this so much. Already started to implement the plugin on a few of our clients for testing, and well, they LOVE... read more

    Brian Deckard Avatar
    Brian Deckard

    It is a really powerful tool to make working with my customer easier. I love it and it is very easy to use. The support team is great, fast in... read more

    Claudia Rieker Avatar
    Claudia Rieker
  • Sometimes, when we talk to clients, it's like we're speaking an entirely different language. Not only does this make getting content, and making changes to websites difficult for us, but... read more

    Kyle Van Deusen Avatar
    Kyle Van Deusen

    Super fast and friendly support and the tool works like a charm. It saves so much time!

    Aaron Casey Avatar
    Aaron Casey

    Support is amazing! So far no complaints.

    Sheila Hash Avatar
    Sheila Hash

    so awesome and useful! loving this plugin

    Tom Wilson Avatar
    Tom Wilson

    Exciting times for the WP space! WP Feedback definitely looks like it’s going to revolutionize client communication. 🙌

    Alex Panagis Avatar
    Alex Panagis

    This has saved me so much time and confusion, and clients just love it. Every single part is well thought out and I have changed all my processes to include... read more

    Sarah Crawford Avatar
    Sarah Crawford
  • WP Feedback is a game changer. Genuinely new and innovative thinking about how to efficiently manage feedback between clients and developers/designers. And the pace of change and responsiveness of the... read more

    James Burden Avatar
    James Burden

    The new WP Feedback plugin is really gaining some traction and excellent feedback which is awesome!

    Paul Smart Avatar
    Paul Smart

    The best plugin ever! Not only for feedback but also getting content out of clients. No more, getting blood out of a stone. Such a time saver!.

    Andrew Palmer Avatar
    Andrew Palmer

    Awesome tool that we've adopted into our agency to collect client feedback. It's making our processes go much faster as we can now skip long, awkward emails with clients that... read more

    Jeffery Patch Avatar
    Jeffery Patch

    Loving the plugin! This is going to be a turning point for my business I think!

    Leah Harold Avatar
    Leah Harold