WP Agency Summit II

FREE ONLINE EVENT April 27 – May 1, 2020

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The Biggest Online Summit in the WP Space is BACK!

Hey Speaker,

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First of all, I wanna thank you for supporting our event and vision.

I can imagine that under the current circumstance, this wasn’t an easy decision and I’m very grateful and proud for the amazing roster we managed to build in such a short time.

Thank you! 🤩

We still need your support and collaboration in reading this page carefully and delivering all that we need in a timely manner.

Founder of WP FeedBack

Save the date

Important Dates

  • Promotion starts: Monday, March 30th.
  • Kick-off LIVE webinar: 7pm GMT (12pm PST) April 26th.
  • Summit starts: Monday, April 27th.
  • Summit ends: Friday, May 1st.
  • Daily recap live video sessions: for the community and to give more publicity to the speakers + sponsors.

Just so we’re on the same page

Virtual Summit Format

  • Each day there will be 4 video presentations, based on the schedule, which will be broadcasted freely on Facebook and YouTube as well as on the WP FeedBack network.
  • If attendees want to join the conversation, they can sign up for free and engage with the other attendees in live discussions directly on the platform.
  • Attendees will be kept up to date with the latest sessions via email and messengers once a day.
  • Each video is free to watch for 48h.
  • You can share the summit on your website while it’s live with custom embed codes that we’ll send to you.

Make sure you are signed up to where your talk is hosted

Sign Up To Our Network Site

  • If you haven’t already, make sure to go here and sign up
    >> Sign Up Here!
  • If you are already signed up, please complete your profile here
    >> Complete your profile here!
  • This will allow us to make you the author of your talk inside the website
  • You’ll be able to speak to attendees and get more involved

Action Needed
Make sure you sign up and complete your profile to ensure you get maximum amount of exposure on our platform

Your promo material

We need your support in echoing the summit across the ecosystem!

For all of us to benefit, we must continue working together and make sure that each of our audiences, team and colleagues know about the event and are registered to attend.

To help with the promotion effort, we created some resources and swipe files you can use as a base and make them your own.

Action Needed
Using the items on the accordion section, help us promote the event to your audience to the best of your ability.


How To Reach Us

We are managing multiple sponsors and are here to do our best and support each one of you as if you are the only sponsor for the event. That in mind, please consider that we’re operating on an excelerated schedule and think might get unnoticed from time to time. Don’t be afraid to follow up as needed!

Before The Event

I am available to you via email at [email protected]

If you wanna jump on a call discuss any matter, request or concern regarding the event.

You can click here to book a Zoom call with me. This will also match out time zones.

Book a call with me

During The Event

Join “The Office”– This is a closed group inside our network that will be manned 24/7 during the event (so it’s more like 24/4).

You will need to signup to the network platform if you don’t have a user.

Click here to join the group

After The Event

We still have a few bits and pieces to deliver after the event.

I am available to you via email at [email protected]

I would also like to schedule a quick follow up call after the event.

You can already book this in if your schedule is usually busy.

Book a call with me

We’re proud to be supported by these outstanding sponsors…

Available for all speakers

Get your embed code for all sessions.

  • Every hour, a new video will show in the embedded content to replicate the feeling of attending sessions at a conference.
  • The attendees can always go to the main platform and see all sessions that are currently live with one click.
  • Embedding videos on our Media Partner’s websites allows for more exposure for us, our speakers, and our sponsors.
Action Needed
Embed the summit on your own website, either on a dedicated blog post or dedicated page that you can share with your audience.

Where's the code?

The codes for each speaker will be ready 2 weeks prior to the event and expeted to be posted here.

About us

What is WP FeedBack?

WP FeedBack is a new professional platform for WordPress professionals, the new home for the WordPress community.

Where Facebook has groups, Instagram has stories and Snapchat has filters, WP FeedBack’s key differentiator is being able to give and get live FeedBack on websites and designs submitted by the community (using our PRO plugin).

We have topical groups that are headed up by leading experts of their particular field, curated posts and videos from some of the best sources in the WordPress space and a staging environment where users can test themes and plugins with the click of a button.

It’s completely free to sign up and the reception has been awesome!