WP Agency Summit II

FREE ONLINE EVENT April 27 – May 1, 2020

Media Partners

The Biggest Online Summit in the WP Space is BACK!


The Power of the WP community

With the rising risk of COVID-19 and the cancellation of multiple face-to-face experiences, we’re recognising an opportunity, as well as duty to act.

Being regular advocates and event sponsors for the WordPress community, along with last year’s online conference that solidified our summit as the biggest online event in the space (2,000+ attendees, with second runner up at 500~); 

We would love you to join us and help support the community through an innovative approach to online events that will ensure maximum exposure and return for your brand, through unique features we have developed.

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How it works

Online Event – Free to attend

30+ interviews and presentations from some of the top WordPress professionals and influencers, sharing their experience and best strategies.

  • Target Audience: WordPress professionals, agency owners, developers & freelancers.
  • Duration: April 27th – May 1st, 2020.
  • Event Structure: Every day, 4 talks go into rotation shown 4 times during the day (to accommodate multiple time zones). The 5th hour of every cycle will include group networking through open Zoom hangout with sponsors and attendees (“hallway track”).
  • Expected number of attendees: 4,000 to 5,000 registrations.

What You Get

Benefits Of Being A Media Partner

Join the biggest online summit in the WordPress space, help promote the event, gain access to unique stories and increase your reach through collaboration and the power of the WordPress community.

  • Your own Media Page – Where we will pull items from your publication (blog via RSS / YouTube feed) to drive addional traffic through our attendees.
  • Access to all the sponsors and speakers of the event, to accelerate your content creation.
  • Your publication’s logo on the homepage of the summit.
  • Your customly branded Embed Code – Allowing you to embed the summit’s feed on your own website that is connected to your affiliate tag. For when people upgrade to WP FeedBack PRO or purchase lifetime access to the summit’s content.
  • Addional exposure to our audience – Articles and videos generated by you will be pulled into our Network platfom, to help echo your content way beyond the time of the summit.

What is expected of you

How Media Partners Support The Summit

We ask you to promote the summit to your audience to the best of your ability. Through all your available channels, before, during and shortly after the event.

More than just a “series of webinars” our virtual experience should be viewed as a celebration of our community.

  • Summit announcement post – Publishing a 500+ word article/Video/Live walkthrough announcing the summit to your audience. We will provide content you can use as a guide and are happy to jump on a Zoom call to record an interview/walkthrough.
  • Dedeciated email or prominent mention in your newsletter about the summit, inviting your audience to join for free.
  • Collaboration with at least 3 speakers/sponsors – This can be an interview, guest blog post or any other form of content you may choose.
  • Promo on your Social Channels – Posting on all social accounts about the summit, the speakers and your support for the summit.
  • Embed the summit on your website – Using our custom embed code, you can display a feed of the entire summit directly on your site.


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Our History

WP Agency Summit 2019

We had
Registered Attendees
Who visited
All viewing

Last years’ sponsors

Some of the other companies that got involved

Some of the speakers from our last event

Troy Dean

Founder at WP Elevation

Joe Howard

Founder at WP Buffs

Sujan Patel

Serial Entrepreneur

Kim Doyal

Content Marketing Expert

Aaqib Gadit

CEO @ Cloudways

Anthony Tran

Director of Marketing for Beaver Builder

Gareth Daine

Owner at Daine Media

Michael Killen

Owner at SellYourService.co.uk

Gregory Karelitz

Global Head of Partnerships, HubSpot

Phil Morrow

Owner hat HappyKite

Matt Kohn

Head of Brand @ Different Hunger

Vito Peleg

Creator of WP Feedback

Mor Cohen

Owner at FlixFrame

Puneet Sahalot

Founder of IdeaBox Creations

Piccia Neri

UX expert, piccianeri.com

Our Future

The 2020 Summit Itinerary

  • Each day there will be 4 video presentations, based on the schedule, which will be broadcasted freely on Facebook and YouTube as well as on the WP FeedBack network.
  • If attendees want to join the conversation, they can sign up for free and engage with the other attendees in live discussions directly on the platform.
  • Attendees will be kept up to date with the latest sessions via email and messengers once a day.
  • Each video is free to watch for 48h.
  • Videos can be embedded via HTML snippets on the websites of the speakers and sponsors, and Media Partners.

Save the date

Important Dates

  • Promotion starts: Monday, March 30th.
  • Kick-off LIVE webinar: 7pm GMT (12pm PST) April 26th.
  • Summit starts: Monday, April 27th.
  • Summit ends: Friday, May 1st.
  • Daily recap live video sessions: for the community and to give more publicity to the speakers + sponsors.

How it looks

Embedded Content

  • Every hour, a new video will show in the embedded content on our Media Partner’s websites, to replicate the feeling of attending sessions at a conference.
  • The attendees can always go to the main platform and see all sessions that are currently live with one click.
  • Embedding videos on our Media Partner’s websites allows for more exposure for us and our sponsors.
  • Videos can be embedded via HTML snippets on the websites of the speakers and sponsors, and Media Partners.

How we’ll get there

Marketing Reach

  • Most speakers, sponsors and other media partners will promote this event to their email lists, Facebook groups, podcasts, and on their blogs.
  • Facebook Ads (> $5k USD)
  • Our email lists of 4,000+ subscribers
  • WP FeedBack Network (1,300 members).
  • To 190k+ members on our partners’ facebook groups.

Supporting us

This year’s amazing sponsors

Who will be there

Some of the confirmed speakers for the upcoming event

Bridget Willard

Kristina Romeo

Bob Dunn

Vito Peleg

Paul Lacey

Piccia Neri

Andrew Palmer

Mark Zahra

Rajendra Zore

Lee Jackson

Barbara Saul

Clifford Almeida

Donata Kalnenaite

Raleigh Leslie

Ines van Essen

Set up a Zoom Call

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About us

What is WP FeedBack?

WP FeedBack is a new professional platform for WordPress professionals, the new home for the WordPress community.

Where Facebook has groups, Instagram has stories and Snapchat has filters, WP FeedBack’s key differentiator is being able to give and get live FeedBack on websites and designs submitted by the community (using our PRO plugin).

We have topical groups that are headed up by leading experts of their particular field, curated posts and videos from some of the best sources in the WordPress space and a staging environment where users can test themes and plugins with the click of a button.

It’s completely free to sign up and the reception has been awesome!