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Ok, That Sounds Awesome. But..

What Exactly Will You Get Out Of Attending This Virtual Summit?

Here’s a small taste of what you’ll discover by joining
the free WP FeedBack Summit:

  • Free access to all video sessions here on this website.
  • Learn how to scale without drowning in projects.
  • Understand how to build a brand that attracts high-paying clients.
  • Get a look behind the scenes of the most successful WP businesses.
  • Get a grasp on WordPress security.
  • Generate recurring revenue with proven systems and strategies.
  • Deliver your projects on time and keep clients happy.
  • Get your clients to quickly deliver content when you ask them.
  • Stop working with less-than-stellar customers.
  • Learn more about your mental health and well-being in these trying times.

Featured Expert Sessions

These hand-selected experts are at the top of their game. They’re running WP agencies working with 1000’s of clients, grew multi-million dollar businesses and mastered WordPress development. They’re teaching from experience, not from theory.

In the spirit of giving back to the WordPress community, they each took the time to join this event to share their best stuff. They want to give back and help you avoid the mistakes they’ve made in their own businesses.

You’re about to learn lessons on handling clients without getting overwhelmed, how to increase your profitability and attract higher-paying clients, and become a better WordPress developer & web designer to deliver projects smoothly. Every masterclass is available to watch online for free for 48h.

Below are the honorable speakers for the summit and the day their session is live:

Day 1 - 27th April, 2020

Kristina Romero: Recurring revenue expert at wpcaremarket

Remotely Managing Projects And Your Team

Kristina explains how to structure website care plans, how to sell them, and how to build a remote team that can deliver outstanding service to your customers.

Lee Jackson: Host of Agency Trailblazer

Mastering Content Creation & The New Work Environment

We dive deep into how Lee creates content for multiple podcasts, multiple blogs, and his social communities consistently. He shares his exact steps for the podcast creation, talks about productivity tips and shares his thoughts on starting podcasts.

Paul Lacey: WP Builds co-host

Lessons learned from scaling - an Anti-Scale conversation

This session is emotional! Paul shares his heart-warming story of how scaling his agency went wrong and how a seemingly random project for a charity in Africa gave him new hope to pursue the path of Anti-Scaling.

Tom Fanelli: Convesio

The Circle of Trust & A Look Behind The Scenes At Convesio

Creating products is one of Tom's passions, and he shares his proven process for creating products that the market actually wants and appreciates. We also talk about the history of Convesio and why their unique approach to hosting really sets them apart in today's market.

Ronald Gijsel: Community and Partnership Manager at YITH

4.5 Ways to Scale Your E-Commerce Business

Ronald does a presentation about leveraging data from Google Analytics to analyze the performance of web shops and improving 4 key metrics that deliver more revenue and happier customers at the same time.

Bridget Willard: Co-creator of WPblab

B2B Marketing on Twitter explained

Bridget breaks down her proven B2B Marketing strategy on Twitter, walking me through each aspect of her approach and explaining actionable ways to implement her strategy right after the session ends.

Day 2 - 28th April, 2020

Mike Demo: Web Ventures

How Web Ventures helps WP businesses scale

Mike explains the process WP companies need to go through in order to aquire funding from Venture Capitalists. He also shares a rare look behind the scenes at Web Ventures and reveals plans for the companies Web Ventures has acquired.

Barbara Saul: The Blog Mistress + WP&UP

A Conversation About Mental Health

We have a vulnerable conversation about mental health and staying positive as a WordPress professional. We talk about how WP professionals can get help and what warning signs can indicate that things are not going as well as they should.

Bob Dunn: Runs BobWP

Running a Podcast to Build Authority in Your Niche

Bob shares his thoughts on starting a new podcast from scratch, using WordPress to host your podcast and build your brand, and important lessons he learned from starting multiple podcasts in the past 10+ years.

Beth Livingston: WP Roadmaps and Coaching

Mastering project delivery and avoiding scope creep

Beth shares her process for successfully managing projects and avoiding scope creep. We talk about discovery sessions, client onboarding routines, and more topics that are essential for rock-solid project delivery.

Piccia Neri: UX Expert

What makes good UX

Piccia and Jan go over three websites submitted by our audience and give actionable advice on improving the User Experience and User Interface on those websites, for better conversions and a more pleasant experience for the visitors.

Rajendra Zore: Chief Marketing Officer at RunCloud

A self-made man on his way to the top

Raj shares his incredibly inspiring story from growing up in the slums of Mumbai to running a multi-million dollar SaaS company. He dives deep into challenges he had to overcome and shares important lessons he learned along the way.

Day 3 - 29th April, 2020

Michele Butcher-Jones: Lead WP Technical Specialist at Thrive Agency

Mental Health & Dealing With Your Inner Demons

Michele gives a presentation on mental health challenges that come from being a WP professional or working from home, and gives actionable advice on how to tame your inner daemons.

Gaby Galea: Content Manager at WPMayor

how to build authority and traffic using content curation

When it comes to building authority online, you need to constantly provide content to your audience. Gaby explains how to leverage RSS feeds for syndicating content and using it to build an authoritative presence online.

Alison Rothwell: Creator of WPFiddlyBits

The path to selling profitable WordPress care plans

Alison explains how she started selling care plans and grew her agency to having multiple team members and a steady stream of income. We also talk about team management, client communications, and more.

Alex Panagis: Founder of ScaleMath

Developing A Simple & Replicable SEO Strategy For Your Business

Alex goes through multiple websites submitted by our audience and gives them actionable strategies to improve the SEO for each site.

Bowe Frankema: Author at Dollie

How automation makes the lives of WP professionals easier

Bowe walks us through his Dollie platform. He explains how agencies and freelancers can leverage Dollie to resell hosting, build WaaS businesses, and benefit from the automation features inside Dollie.

Donata Kalnenaite: President at Termageddon

What Agencies Need To Know About Data Privacy

Donata and Hans from Termaggedon explain to us why agency owners need to be aware about Privacy laws, what they can do to build secure sites, and how to turn Privacy requirements into easy recurring revenue.

Day 4 - 30th April, 2020

Andrew Palmer: Owner of Elegant Marketplace and Page Builder Cloud

Lessons Learned From Successfully Selling Your Company

Andrew explains how he successfully built and sold one of his companies, while managing to stay onboard of the company as product owner. He also dives deep into how he’s managing multiple businesses without drowning in work and manages to play golf three times a week

Oliver Sild: Founder of WebARX

How to protect your websites in 2020

Web security is an intimidating topic but one that WP professionals need to understand. Oliver breaks down the basics and explains how hackers think, so that WP professionals can take proactive countermeasures.

Hristo Pandjarov: Manager of WordPress Initiatives at SiteGround

Title Yet To Be Announced

Clifford Almeida: MyWebAudit

Blueprint to Building a Six Figure Recurring Revenue Business

Clifford presents actionable ways agency owners and freelancers can build six-figure recurring revenue businesses, as he has done himself twice in the past. He breaks down his proven process step-by-step, for everybody to replicate his success.

Raleigh Leslie: Partnerships Manager at Codeable

How to successfully work with freelancers

Raleigh shines light on the tricky topic of hiring and working with freelancers. We talk about best practices in project management, communication with the freelancers and what role Codeable can play for agencies.

Ronnie Burt: WPMU Dev

A look behind the scenes of CampusPress

Ronnie gives a look behind the scenes at CampusPress and shares the challenges of working with big institutions like the University of California

Thomas Fanchin: Partnership Manager at Weglot

Implementing a Multillingual SEO Strategy using Weglot

Thomas shares with us what it takes to create and implement a SEO strategy for a multilingual website. In the second part of the session, he walks us through an actual implementing of a strategy like that using Weglot.

Day 5 - 1st May, 2020

Vito Peleg: Founder at WP FeedBack

Growth Hacking EVERYTHING

Vito being the founder of WP FeedBack (going 0 to 6 figures in it's first year) goes through the strategies he implemented to grow WP FeedBack PRO and the Summit!

Sheffie Robinson: WP Clover

The Importance of Being Full Service

Why running a full-service agency is mandatory these days and how to embrace the challenges and benefits it comes with that.

Michael Short: WaaS Entrepreneur

Selling Websites as a Service

Michael will explain how WP professionals can set up a profitable Website-as-a-Service business model, following his tried and tested processes to not just automate parts of the workflows but also generate stable cash-flow.

Simon Kelly: Author at WP Elevation

Simplify “Throughput” To Increase Your Confidence and Sales

Adam Warner: Global Field Marketing Sr. Manager at GoDaddy

WordPress – From Passion to Profession

Patrick Gallagher: GridPane

Title Yet To Be Announced

Adam Warner

Ronald Gijsel

Simon Kelly

Radost Dacheva

Alison Rothwell

Oliver Sild

Ronnie Burt

Bowe Frankema

Bridget Willard

Kristina Romeo

Bob Dunn

Vito Peleg

Paul Lacey

Piccia Neri

UX Expert

Alex Panagis

Mark Zahra

Rajendra Zore

Lee Jackson

Barbara Saul

Clifford Almeida

Donata Kalnenaite

Raleigh Leslie

Beth Livingston

Sheffie Robinson

Michele Butcher-Jones

Michael Short

Andrew Palmer


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Meet Your Host

Jan Koch

Hi, I’m Jan Koch.
Since 2012 I’m working with WordPress, my agency serves customers all across the globe. Having experienced the feast and famine circles of running an agency, I decided to put together this virtual summit.

Scratching my own itch, this free event is designed to guide WordPress agency owners and developers.

The speakers share actionable, real-world systems and strategies on scaling your agency by attracting high-paying clients, getting the content and feedback you need on time, and adding recurring revenue to your bottom line.

Any Questions?

Yes, it’s 100% online. All talks will be happening on the day of the schedule at, if you do not have account you have to sign up but it’s completely free!

We are currently full up on speakers but we are always on the lookout for our future events, this won’t be the only one! Please submit speaker requests directly to [email protected]