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The Biggest Online Summit in the WordPress Space is Back

Go Behind The Scenes With 30+ World-Class WordPress Agency Owners, Developers & Marketers…

FREE ONLINE EVENT April 27 – May 1, 2020

… And discover how to scale your WP agency or freelance business by attracting high-paying clients and building recurring revenue.

Join us now for a FREE online event, 20 interviews and presentations from some of the top WordPress professionals, sharing their experience and best strategies.

With the rising risk of COVID-19 and the cancellation of multiple experiences, we have a duty to act…


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Ok, That Sounds Awesome. But..

What Exactly Will You Get Out Of Attending This Virtual Summit?

Here’s a small taste of what you’ll discover by joining
the free WP FeedBack Summit:

  • Free access to all video sessions here on this website.
  • Learn how to scale without drowning in projects.
  • Understand how to build a brand that attracts high-paying clients.
  • Get a look behind the scenes of the most successful WP businesses.
  • Get a grasp on WordPress security.
  • Generate recurring revenue with proven systems and strategies.
  • Deliver your projects on time and keep clients happy.
  • Get your clients to quickly deliver content when you ask them.
  • Stop working with less-than-stellar customers.
  • Learn more about your mental health and well-being in these trying times.

Featured Expert Sessions

These hand-selected experts are at the top of their game. They’re running WP agencies working with 1000’s of clients, grew multi-million dollar businesses and mastered WordPress development. They’re teaching from experience, not from theory.

In the spirit of giving back to the WordPress community, they each took the time to join this event to share their best stuff. They want to give back and help you avoid the mistakes they’ve made in their own businesses.

You’re about to learn lessons on handling clients without getting overwhelmed, how to increase your profitability and attract higher-paying clients, and become a better WordPress developer & web designer to deliver projects smoothly. Every masterclass is available to watch online for free for 48h.

Below are the honorable speakers for the summit:

Adam Warner

Ronald Gijsel

Alex Panagis

Bowe Frankema

Alison Rothwell

Oliver Sild

Ronnie Bur

Radost Dacheva

Bridget Willard

Kristina Romeo

Bob Dunn

Vito Peleg

Paul Lacey

Piccia Neri

UX Expert

Andrew Palmer

Mark Zahra

Rajendra Zore

Lee Jackson

Barbara Saul

Clifford Almeida

Donata Kalnenaite

Raleigh Leslie

Beth Livingston

Ines van Essen

Michele Butcher-Jones

Michael Short


Discover Proven Ways To Sell WP Services

WordPress Agency Owners Reveal
Their Proven Strategies

Your journey of building and scaling your WordPress service business could go one of two ways.

Long & Difficult Way

You could spend thousands dollars and countless hours trying to implement “OLD” outdated agency growth strategies you’ve learned from “so-called experts” that aren’t that effective anymore (or worse… don’t work at all!) if you’d like to get results fast.

The Best Way

You could sign up for the WP FeedBack Summit and discover the path to grow your agency, attracting stellar clients like honey attracts bears, and earning predictable recurring revenue, you’re in the right place.


Meet Your Host

Jan Koch

Hi, I’m Jan Koch.
Since 2012 I’m working with WordPress, my agency serves customers all across the globe. Having experienced the feast and famine circles of running an agency, I decided to put together this virtual summit.

Scratching my own itch, this free event is designed to guide WordPress agency owners and developers.

The speakers share actionable, real-world systems and strategies on scaling your agency by attracting high-paying clients, getting the content and feedback you need on time, and adding recurring revenue to your bottom line.

The WP FeedBack Summit is Looking for Sponsors

Any Questions?

Yes, it’s 100% online. All talks will be happening on the day of the schedule at, if you do not have account you have to sign up but it’s completely free!

We are currently full up on speakers but we are always on the lookout for our future events, this won’t be the only one! Please submit speaker requests directly to [email protected]