How much time and money could you actually save?

We’re all about using data to make decisions that will improve your workflows and agency.
Testing this on over 8,995 websites, we’ve created a calculator to help illustrate how much time and money WP FeedBack PRO actually saves.

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John Comley Avatar

This has got to be one of the best platforms EVER! Unbelievably powerful product, along with outstanding service from the support team. #KICKASS

John Comley
Raleigh Leslie Avatar

Yes! The WP world must know! The
WP Feedback people deserve a huge pat on the back for what they’ve built. Color me impressed.

Raleigh Leslie
Leah Harold Avatar

Loving this platform! This is going to be a turning point for my business I think!

Leah Harold
Hans Skillrud Avatar

Killer company/idea and Vito does not stop constantly enhancing it.

Hans Skillrud

Designed To Save You Time & Money

Your Centralized Dashboard

See an overview of all websites that have WP FeedBack PRO installed.

See all tasks that have been created on each website. Manage & assign your team.
Go directly to where tasks are on the front-end of each website with the click of a button.
Auto-login to each website by simply being logged into your dashboard.
Talk internally with your team in the chat for tasks.

Front-End FeedBack

Allow your clients to visually submit feedback and requests directly on their own website which is synced to your Centralized Dashboard.

Tasks are assigned to specific points on a page.
Assign WordPress users to a task.
Discuss the point inside the task’s chat.
Set the status of how urgent the task is.
Take a screenshot of the current view.
Upload any file type to the task.
See technical information of where the task was created from, including screen size & browser.

Tasks Boards

Keep a website’s tasks organised and track progress so you’re always ahead of the game.

Change the status of a task by dragging them between columns.
Quickly check each task by clicking to a pop-out view.
Customise columns to create your own work flows.
Post comments, upload files, track time and assign users through the pop-up.

Fully Customizable

We give you the power to use our plugin exactly how you want to

White label with change of colour and logo.
Disable the plugin with a checkbox.
Set global notification settings for users to choose.
Enable guest mode to require no logins.
Specify which user roles can use WP FeedBack.
Customise which specific features each user can use.
Reset to default settings with the click of a button.

“The Easiest Way To Manage WordPress Projects”

Before WP FeedBack: Everyone is stressed, work feels scattered, projects are slipping and managing everything is virtually impossible. 

With WP FeedBack: You got this. Everything is organized in one place, your team and clients will be working together, you’ll stay on top of things, and stay calm.

Manage all of your websites and communications from one place; reducing project completion time by up to 2 weeks.

See How Much Time & Money You Could Actually Save*Figures based on our data and user’s reviews, tried and tested on over 8000 websites.