What is WP Feedback?

Getting your clients to provide detailed feedback for your work is one of the biggest issues for WordPress consultants and digital agencies.

Instead of using spreadsheets, countless emails, phone calls or even the costly advanced prototype, feedback and support tools found on the market; WP FeedBack will allow your client to simply click a section of their website, create a task and make a request.

They can add the priority, the urgency, include a screenshot and write the request.

Not only that though, but the plugin will also bind the request to the div the client chose and will automatically collect the browser type, screen size and other technical information, meaning you can stop guessing the exact scenario where the issue or request occurred.

Once you have a bunch of tasks across the website, you can go to the dashboard area in the backend and reply to tickets systematically. You have full control over all of the tasks, including the priority, urgency and who is assigned to it.


WP Feedback’s Main Features

WP Feedback has an array of great features which are geared towards getting you and your clients communicating efficiently, whether it be to get content, approve designs or provide support.

  • Add comments to specific points on any page of a live WordPress website, which creates a task.
  • Assign specific user roles to a task, notifying them when it’s created.
  • Set the priority of a task, allowing your clients to let you know if a comment is critical and needs to be fixed as soon as possible or if it’s not that important and can wait.
  • Change the status of a task on the frontend, notifying everyone who needs to be if it changes.
  • See the technical details of the user that made a comment: the resolution of their screen, the browser they were using and even their IP.
  • Want to add a screenshot of what you’re looking at to the comments? All it takes is one button that is on the front-end.
  • No extra logins for you or your clients, it’s fully integrated into WordPress.
  • There is a sidebar that will show you all of the tasks that have been made on a particular page, you can even see it for all pages if you want.
  • All tasks are organised neatly in the back-end of the WP Feedback dashboard.
  • You can choose the primary colour of the plugin and add a logo, making it yours or your client’s branding.
  • The plugin is being constantly worked on and updated.
  • It works with any WordPress Theme and any page builder on the market.
  • You become part of the WP Feedback Facebook community where you can talk with it’s creators and like-minded people and also request features for future updates.
  • Install and setup wizards for you and your clients.
  • Give us your Feedback for future updates.

Founder Bio

A shot biography about the founder of the plugin


Who is Vito Peleg?

Vito Peleg is a musician turned certified business and digital consultant, as well as a WordPress expert. He designed his first website almost 20 years ago on GeoCities when he was 14 years old, it was for his skateboarding crew at school. Even though it was very scrappy and had bright colours all over the place, he was excited to simply go online!

Vito dedicated a large portion of his life chasing stardom in the rock music scene, he spent a decade focused on becoming the best rock musician he could be. He quickly realised that a band is a business, so he started reading every book he could find on entrepreneurship, marketing and design. After touring the world and playing to thousands of people, releasing 2 albums worldwide, and building websites for clients from the back of the van; the band sadly broke up.

This was his motivation to start building his own business, using his rediscovered passion for the web and WordPress in particular.

As his agency began to grow, he realised a problem was happening over and over again, and it was holding him back from growing. Juggling multiple projects at a time with the reliance on clients to provide you with what you need, meant projects were always behind their deadline date.

The main problem was that the client doesn’t know how to provide the details needed. For most clients, the technical level that was expected from them was simply not there.

This is how WP Feedback was born. “The idea was to rethink the way we communicate with our clients and provide them with an intuitive and super easy way to tell us exactly where the problem is, visually – something that relates to their reality.

Even to make it feel a little like a game. We needed 1 tool that will be the main hub of our communications for the entire duration of our client relationship.”

Download Images


Videos outlining the plugin


Collect Website Content

Show your client exactly what content you need and where it will be placed on the website, to help them provide the content intuitively and stress-free.

Approve Your Designs

Present your designs to the client, allowing them to comment on a specific element they need changing without needing to teach them how to provide feedback.

Provide On-going Support

After the launch, your clients can still click any element to ask for changes, additional features and point out bugs that need your attention. Allowing you to maintain a long term relationship.

Internal Communications

Businesses with multiple admins working on the website can communicate among themselves. For an unprecedented level of efficiency within the team.


Approve Designs

Get Content

Provide Support

Only One Task Per Div

Take Screenshots