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To create a seamless experience when it comes to gatheting and giving feedback for the project, visually.
Gathering Content – Approving Designs – Providing Support


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We live for feedback, so if you have a question, request, problem, suggestion or idea for a feature - Get in touch!

Upgrade License

Add WP Feedback to other domains by purchasing a new license or upgrading your existing one.


Visit our knowledgebase for tips, troubleshooting and how-tos.


How to use WP Feedback

This is a very powerful tool when used to its full potential. Here are a few suggestions on how you can use WP Feedback to reduce client friction, save a lot of time for both you and your client AND get things done!

Gathering Content

Insert placeholder text (Lorem Ipsum) where ever there’s content missing. Then go to the front end and tag each placeholder text block with a short message to your client: “Please let me know what should be the text on this section. Please make sure the length of the text pretty much matches the length in this box”.

Approving Designs

Design the page and send an email to the client saying: “Please review the different pages of the site (you can click the menu items to navigate between the pages), simply click any element on the page that you’d like us to address and let me know what you’d like us to change or explain”.

Providing Support

Let your client know that instead of contacting you in various ways that will (in most cases) be lacking in terms of the details you need to address the request. From now they can simply click any element on the site to provide feedback and ask questiosn visually. They can even do this on their phone while bing watching the latest show on Netflix.

Login to your Dashboard

Make sure you’re using your dashboard by logging in here Websites that have validated your license are added automatically. The dashboard is to make managing your client’s websites at scale a breeze. You can also use Global Settings which will automatically apply your chosen settings to each website that is added (make sure to enable global settings on the website side).