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Your Centralized Dashboard

See an overview of all websites that have WP FeedBack PRO installed.

See all tasks that have been created on each website. Manage & assign your team.
Go directly to where tasks are on the front-end of each website with the click of a button.
Auto-login to each website by simply being logged into your dashboard.
Talk internally with your team in the chat for tasks.

Front-End FeedBack

Allow your clients to visually submit feedback and requests directly on their own website which is synced to your Centralized Dashboard.

Tasks are assigned to specific points on a page.
Assign WordPress users to a task.
Discuss the point inside the task’s chat.
Set the status of how urgent the task is.
Take a screenshot of the current view.
Upload any file type to the task.
See technical information of where the task was created from, including screen size & browser.

Tasks Boards

Keep a website’s tasks organised and track progress so you’re always ahead of the game.

Change the status of a task by dragging them between columns.
Quickly check each task by clicking to a pop-out view.
Customise columns to create your own work flows.
Post comments, upload files, track time and assign users through the pop-up.

Used On 9,126+ Websites, See How It’s Changed
More Of Our User’s Lives…

Brian Kato

Red Rocket Web Specialists

Perhaps one of the best investments I’ve made this year—this software has streamlined the way I have clients review website builds. WP Feedback has already saved my countless hours of having to go back and forth with a client via screen sharing or webinars. Just log in, click on the section that needs to be modified and a “support ticket” is noted—it really couldn’t get any easier.

Troy Dean

WP Elevation

WP FeedBack saves us hours of back and forth with our clients and removes all the ambiguity from the conversation, allowing us to literally get on the same page and resolve issues quicker. It’s a win-win-win!

Adam Wills

Sursum Creative

Keep up the amazing work. So far the clients who’s sites I’ve installed it on absolutely love it, and it has absolutely reduced the amount of time I’ve spent with this clients in in-person meetings and on phone calls. Love it!

Kevin Oneill

Ocular Acumen

I have installed it on a site and it is amazing. The integration, implementation and potential to establish realtime-trackable collaboration is outstanding. It’s like Google Wave and Slack hooked up and had a WP Baby. AWESOME!

James Burden

Perfectly Digital

WP FeedBack is a game changer. Genuinely new and innovative thinking about how to efficiently manage feedback between clients and developers/designers. And the pace of change and responsiveness of the team behind this is incredible. Highly recommended.

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          WordPress Pros Choose WP FeedBack PRO

          Used on over 9,236 websites, we have spefiically designed & developed all features 
          to save you time - Ensuring your profitability is always the highest it can be.

          The PRO Dashboard

          A centralized dashboard with ALL of your websites that have our WP plugin installed

          Front-End FeedBack

          Collaborate with your clients with visual FeedBack on their live website and manage all tasks from your Dashboard

          Status & Priority on FeedBack

          You'll always be able to keep track of what needs to be done fast and what can wait

          WP Admin Commenting

          Everything you see on the front, only in the backend. So you can actively tell your clients not to click update on their own

          Auto Login With 1 Click

          Login to every website from your Dashboard with the click of a button, saving you so much time you didn't know you were wasting.

          Drag & Drop Task Boards

          Manage all tasks by dragging and dropping between columns, creating a clear cut workflow for you and your team

          No More Guess Work

          Go to the exact location of tasks on your client's website with 1 button...added with auto login - Save days and weeks, not minutes

          White Labelling

          Change the look of WP FeedBack PRO with your colour and logo of choice...Impress your clients

          Extensive Settings

          An incredible amount of settings to ensure you can use our platform EXACTLY how you need it - including permissions for users

          “The Easiest Way To Manage WordPress Projects”

          Before WP FeedBack: Everyone is stressed, work feels scattered, projects are slipping and managing everything is virtually impossible. 

          With WP FeedBack: You got this. Everything is organized in one place, your team and clients will be working together, you’ll stay on top of things, and stay calm.

          Manage all of your websites and communications from one place; reducing project completion time by up to 2 weeks.

          Get WP FeedBack PRO & Be The Next Success Story