Changing a Users’ Email Notifications

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As we want you to be able to customise every aspect of WP FeedBack to fit with how you work, this same philosophy applies to our email notifications.

We have two layers:

  • Setting up which email notification options you want to give the users on your website.
  • The users can then choose which notifications they want to receive through the wizard or change it in their WordPress profile.


Email Notification Settings

Firstly, in the settings screen you can set which notification options you would like to give users on the wizard, and inside their user profile.

Changing which notifications a user receives

If a user chooses the wrong settings through the wizard when they first login to a website where WP FeedBack has been installed. Go to their profile and you will see the settings there.

Here you can set their user type and also change their email notifications.

If you are having issues receiving notifications, there are a few things you can try to get it sorted. We’ve got an article about that here.


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