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How Andrew Delivered a 3 Week Website Project in 3 Days

Andrew shares how our platform allowed to double his revenue without hiring additional team members and 10Xed his agency’s profitability.


How Chuck Delivered Projects 2X Faster, Without Speaking With Clients

Chuck is managing 50+ Care Plan clients. Every request used to land on his desk before passed to the team. Now, he never speaks to clients and the job gets done by his team seamlessly.


How Gary Cut a 4 Month Project Down To Just 4 Weeks!

With WP FeedBack PRO, ALL of Gary’s communications are going through one tool, allowing him to save massive amounts of time. Now he doesn’t need to deal with vague client messages on WhatsApp and email.


How George Reduced His Project Completion Time From 5 Weeks to 10 Days

George is sharing his new process that reduced 75% of service delivery time. And how after chasing a client for 9 months, he installed our platform and the project was done and launched in 3 days.


How Dan Saves 3 Hours Every Single Day Using WP FeedBack PRO

Every morning Dan would visit his email inbox and for every email he would create a task in a spreadsheet to delegate to his team. With WP FeedBack PRO, it’s all done for him, saving him 3 hours EVERY DAY!.


How Eben Completed a 300+ Tasks in 3 Days Using WP FeedBack PRO

Eben scored his biggest project yet.
Throughout the project the scope doubled and the deadline remained the same. With WP FeedBack PRO he managed to collect more than 300 requests across 25 different stakeholders, prioritise AND complete all the tasks in just 3 days.