Aren’t you tired of chasing clients for feedback?

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Allow your clients to visually submit feedback and requests directly on their own website, while keeping it all in one place. Saving you and your clients countless hours by getting straight to the point and getting things done!

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Fully integrated into the client’s WordPress website

Forget about spreadsheets, long Word documents, frangmanted emails or begging your client to use overly complicated project management systems.
WP FeedBack will help your client face the product you created for the them – The actual website!

Pin tasks directly on your client’s live website

Allow your clients to visually submit feedback and requests directly on their own website,

Tasks are assigned to specific points on a page.
Assign WordPress users to a task.
Discuss the point inside the task’s chat.
Set the status of how urgent the task is.
Take a screenshot of the current view.
Upload any file type to the task.
See technical information of where the task was created from, including screen size & browser.

The Centralised Dashboard

Keep all websites where you have WP FeedBack installed in one centralised dashboard.
We are currently deep in development of this feature, it will be coming in the next few weeks after we’ve finished our beta test

See all websites you are working on in one place

Install the plugin on a website and use your license, it is then automatically added to your dashboard.

See how many tasks you have for each website.
Keep track of which users are assigned to each website.
Assign users easily with a couple of clicks.
Open each website on the task center by clicking on a website.

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        Is this for you?

        If you create, manage or support WordPress websites for clients - It is!
        Imagine allowing your clients to simply click an item on their own website to ask a question, request a change, provide you content for a specific section or ask for a new feature.Β 
        All while collecting the exact amount of information for you to perform the task with no further communications other than "Sure, Done."

        Would that save you at least 1 hour of wasted time this year? Maybe more like an hour a day?
        Would that inspire your clients to come back for more? Buying more support hours this year?

        With 10+ years of building WP sites, we've been there and tried it all before we decided to build the ultimate feedback and comms solution for WP pros.

        All In 1 Place

        Manage tasks on each page & use our task management tool in the WP dashboard.

        Live Notifications

        Never miss that change request that your client sleepily sent at 2 am again.

        Status & Priority

        You'll always be able to keep track of what needs to be done fast and what can wait.

        WP Admin Commenting

        Everything you see on the front, only in the backend. So you can actively tell your clients not to click update on their own.

        1 Click File Uploads

        Clients wants another image? Upload to the feed and it's already in the media folder. Saving you time, 10 clicks at a time.

        Multisite Compatibility

        There's no better way to build your WaaS business and support your clients. Huge roadmap ahead for this one to make it EVEN better.

        No Screenshots

        Receiving a screenshot made in paint be gone, screenshots are as simple as clicking.

        No Extra Logins

        You and your clients no longer need to remember 5 different logins to interact.

        On-site Feedback

        Visual feedback without having your clients having to do anything but click.

        Tech Specs

        Find out your client's specs. You can be disappointed in private now when it's IE.

        White Label

        Don't like our branding... That's fine, we guess. You can completely customise it all.

        Built Into The Site

        Teaching your client to use their own website is hard enough, please no more.

        BONUS: Empower Your Client

        It's not easy to get your client used to the WP dashboard. By moving all your communications directly into their website, you help them feel comfortable in the new environment, helping them appreciate the website as the incredible marketing tool that it is, rather than another fancy calling card. Which results in more work for you.

        BONUS: Save Countless of Hours

        Efficiency is key for being a good freelancer or agency. You shouldn't spend your time guessing or searching for the real meaning of your client's request, shouldn't jump from one platform to the next just to reply and shouldn't let your clients dictate how and when to reach you. With our solution, you won't.

        Join thousands of WordPress freelancers and agencies

        That have already transformed the way they talk to clients. Here’s what they had to say:

        John Comley Avatar

        This has got to be one of the best platforms EVER! Unbelievably powerful product, along with outstanding service from the support team. #KICKASS

        John Comley
        Raleigh Leslie Avatar

        Yes! The WP world must know! The
        WP Feedback people deserve a huge pat on the back for what they’ve built. Color me impressed.

        Raleigh Leslie
        Leah Harold Avatar

        Loving this platform! This is going to be a turning point for my business I think!

        Leah Harold
        Hans Skillrud Avatar

        Killer company/idea and Vito does not stop constantly enhancing it.

        Hans Skillrud

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Still not sure?

        Will this solution help you…

        Save at least 1 hour this month?

        Of endless back & forth to understand what the client is talking about?
        We actually counted 4 hours saved per week per team member.

        Expedite project completion?

        By giving your client the most simple way to give you feedback?
        Train them with just 1 sentence: “Jut click and comment”

        Introduce your client to WordPress?

        In an intuitive way that will not scare them off. This will result in less annoying small tasks and more meaningful features as they will (finally) understand the value that the website can bring to their business.

        Get paid faster?

        By giving your clients a process they can actually follow, you will dramatically reduce “client related delays” to help you reach that sweet final deposit quicker.

        Get 5% Off!