WordPress Marketing Podcast with Vito: Promote your business at WordCamp and WordPress Meetups

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Thousands of people attend WordCamps and WordPress Meetups each year with the aim of networking and promoting themselves and their business.

But what is the BEST way to actually do this?

I was invited to the WordPress Marketing Podcast and spoke about how I was able to utilise WordCamps and WordPress Meetups to create significant buzz for WP FeedBack.

In this podcast, I revealed that I managed to network with the most influential people, how I got the attention of the attendees with a marketing campaign, and how I managed to speak at a Meetup.

Check out the awesome features of the WP Feedback plugin here and let me know what you think.

Do you have similar stories to share on how WordCamps and WordPress Meetups have helped you grow your business? Share your comments below!

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