The 11 Facebook Groups Worth Joining for Web Designers

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Joining Facebook groups in any industry is one of the best and easiest ways to familiarize yourself and make great connections. Web design agencies and freelancers alike can find useful advice posted in Facebook groups dedicated to web design. Technical matters, contracts, and making useful connections are really just the beginning – I’ve made connections that have led to making networking …

10 Time Management Tips To Actually Finish Projects Faster

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Effective time management is essential for both professional performance and personal satisfaction, on an individual and corporate level. Essentially, it represents how skillfully we devote the hours of our day to our different goals and obligations. Time management is a challenge for everyone. However, freelancers face a particular set of obstacles when it comes to making the most of their …


A Step-by-Step Web Design Process – Made To Impress Clients

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Having a clear, structured web design process you can execute repeatedly is what sets apart the average agency from the type of agency that can justify their higher prices and clients truly enjoy working with… Web design clients often won’t be entirely familiar with what the web design process looks like. They often imagine it as the simple technical process …


Dealing With Difficult Clients The Right Way

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Difficult and potentially even unsatisfied clients can be a great source of feedback for software companies. But in an agency, they can be detrimental to your profitability, personal happiness, and business as a whole. In this article, we’ll cover how we managed some of the most difficult client scenarios we were presented with when running our own agency and why …


What Most Companies Get Wrong About Truly Effective Client Communication & Why It Matters

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When it comes to maintaining long-term work relationships with your clients, communication is the best way to stand out. It truly is the difference between having clients that will be with you for 15 years and those that move on immediately after they finish their first project with you. This is where most freelancers and agencies fall short because it’s …