The Right Way To Gather Content From Your Clients

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If you ask any web agency or freelancer: “have you ever found gathering content from your clients easy?”. How many do you think say yes…🤔 We asked just this to 100 agencies and freelancers for our recent coaching session around gathering content and the results were interesting (which we will go into later). It confirmed even further for us that …


26 Things To Check Before, During, and After Launching a Website

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Building & launching a website isn’t easy. Just the sheer number of seemingly small details that can easily be overlooked is unimaginable – consistent typography, spelling, layout, call-to-actions, 404 error pages, content, SSL certificates – the list goes on…  This article will guide you through the things you need to check prior to launching your site (both before and after …


The 11 Facebook Groups Worth Joining for Web Designers

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Joining Facebook groups in any industry is one of the best and easiest ways to familiarize yourself and make great connections. Web design agencies and freelancers alike can find useful advice posted in Facebook groups dedicated to web design. Technical matters, contracts, and making useful connections are really just the beginning – I’ve made connections that have led to making networking …

10 Time Management Tips To Actually Finish Projects Faster

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Effective time management is essential for both professional performance and personal satisfaction, on an individual and corporate level. Essentially, it represents how skillfully we devote the hours of our day to our different goals and obligations. Time management is a challenge for everyone. However, freelancers face a particular set of obstacles when it comes to making the most of their …