“With a handful of projects under my belt using this new system, projects have been moving so much faster”

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This weeks case study is here!

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15 Years In the Industry

This week we have an awesome user for you guys to check out. He’s got so much experience that it’s an honour to have him using WP FeedBack in his work flows.

“Please tell us a little bit about you and your business and how you ended up building sites for clients using WordPress“

I spent around 15 years as a graphic designer in the print industry, and after attending graduating with a business degree I knew I wanted to someday do my “own thing”.  The opportunity to start a web business had such a low barrier to entry, and was a close enough related field that I felt it was worth exploring.

I started with side-gigs and odd jobs to build my chops, which led me to eventually launch my business in January of 2017 with hopes of making it my full-time career within 18 months. By June of the same year I was able to quit my graphic design job and run my agency full time— never looking back!

Before WP FeedBack

Damn! 15 years is a long time, how did you talk to your clients before WP Feedback?

Most of the client communication before WP Feedback was done through long email strings. I had tried a few other solutions, but never could find the right mix of effectiveness and ease-of-use for my clients that would convince me to make them a permanent part of my process. 

“Long email strings are a blight on all of us. How did you hear about us and what made you pull the trigger and come on board?

Through various Facebook groups I’m in, I saw the upcoming launch of WP Feedback and was cautiously optimistic.

But after seeing Vito’s enthusiasm, and having him on our podcast to explain all the ways WP Feedback solves the client communication problem— I was sold.  

After WP FeedBack

What has been your experience since starting to use the tool? Maybe even share a story about some client reactions?

After only briefly playing with WP Feedback myself, I could immediately see that this would be a perfect fit in my agency’s process. I was able to quickly integrate the WP Feedback system into my starter site and began using it right away.

With a handful of projects under my belt using this new system, projects have been moving so much faster, clients are communicating more effectively, and I’ve received several comments about how easy it is to use.

All of this equals more money in my pocket.

Awesome! So what’s your vision for the future of your business?

My agency is focused on building a client base who want to work with me long-term. WP Feedback will help me do this more effectively by integrating it into my ongoing support plans, making client requests easy and systematic.

That’s what we like to hear! From your personal experience, what would you suggest to other freelancers and agency owners in the community? This could relate to WP Feedback, or not, up to you.”

If your agency is drowning in a sea of confusing email chains, wasting time trying to communicate specifics, or having trouble collaborating— WP Feedback just might be the answer you’re looking for!

Thank you for answering our questions Kyle 👍. “


Born in California and raised in Texas, Kyle is a husband and proud father of three. After spending 15 years in graphic design and acquiring a business degree, Kyle launched OGAL Web Design in 2017. He is also the co-host of The Admin Bar podcast which helps web agencies streamline their processes, sharpen their skills, and demand higher paying projects.

Let’s get started!

Do you want to be like Kyle? Have smoother communications and get paid quicker, helping you grow your business faster.

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