At Smart Web Creators: Vito on client feedback, communications and skateboarding!

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In building websites, client communication IS crucial.

Quality of communication and messaging with the client can result in more money as a result of more follow up work from satisfied clients.

On one hand, it can be a mentally draining experience for both client and the consultant or agency.

In this episode of Smart Web Creators with digital consultant and web creator Davinder Singh Kainth, I related how at 14, I built my first website – a small one – for my skateboarding crew in school. That got me into HTML and it made me really interested in the web in its early stages of development.

From being a kid from a small town, in a tiny country, that wanted to be a rockstar, I discovered a passion for design, business and WordPress. It took many long days and nights, literally starting from nothing to serving hundreds of clients over the years – and then WP FeedBack was born!

Mainly, I talked about client communication methods that are efficient and can be used at different stages of the whole development and design process.

And just like what I told Davinder, if people are struggling with client communications, they should stop blaming the client. There is a solution, and there is a way to solve this.

Get to know more about WP FeedBack and how it can simplify your client communications. Click here and learn about how the plugin can be used at different stages of the whole process like getting website content, feedback during the website development stage and even follow up change requests from the care plan clients.

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