“If you are struggling with getting content out of your clients – please, please, please make use of this tool, it will pay for itself on the first project.”

Vito Peleg Case Study

It’s been a while since our last case study, we are very happy to be posting one this week and it’s from none other than Andrew Palmer.

Andrew has made huge waves in the WordPress space with Elegant Marketplace and has been an advocate for WP FeedBack since we started. Let’s dive in and see how WP FeedBack has changed the way he works.

Please tell us a little bit about you and your business and how you ended up building sites for clients using WordPress

I offer full business consultancy services via www.somebodyshero.co.uk  and with that comes website, hosting and email. I started off in the printing industry too long ago to mention and realized the power of the internet – or at least the potential power. 

It soon came to pass that I migrated my business to use the internet to sell, promote and engage with clients. Printing then died (for me anyway) I used Dreamweaver, html and in later years got to know the power of css and javascript. Around 10 years ago I discovered WordPress (having used Joomla as my CMS of choice).

I have found that WordPress answers all my questions as to compatibility, ease of use for me and my clients and now, with the advent of page builders – the Game, as they say, has changed! 

“It’s crazy how much WordPress changed how many of us work! How did you use to talk to your clients before WP Feedback?”

We used to talk to clients on the phone for amendments – a hangover from my print days. We then progressed to email and a lot of customers tried to give instructions via text, messenger and Whatsapp!

You know, those little annoying short messages like – I don’t like the blue can it be bluer! 

How did you hear about us and what made you pull the trigger and come on board?

I met the founder Vito Peleg at Agency Transformation live – he was a live wire – enthusing about his new app for WordPress designers and developers – he showed it to me on his phone and I was literally – BLOWN AWAY!

As soon as I could get a hold of a copy I wanted this – I knew it would change the way I work with my (Circa 300) clients. 

What has been your experience since starting to use the tool? Maybe even share a story about some client reactions?

I installed the plugin on a live client site that had pretty much failed due to lack of content form a totally non responsive client of around 6 months – I emailed him to say – use this and within ten working days ALL the copy, amendments and images were uploaded, proffed and approved and the site went live on the 11th day.

I also installed it on a site that we built for a new client who was – shall we say – Technically challenged. Within 5 minutes the client understood exactly how to use the feedback tool and the site was completed (all 40 Pages) in just under 3 weeks. There is no doubt that without WP FEEDBACK installed this project would have taken MONTHS of tooing and froing in a never ending email trail of can you do this or can you do that.  I even reduced the quoted price to my client because we completed the site build in record time (she was a friend after all)

We’ve heard this from so many users, we’re so happy it’s working out for you. What’s your vision for the future of your business?

As far as my Web Design business goes, I was ready to quit doing websites to be honest. I have now decided to do at least one website a month as WP FEEDBACK makes it so easy.

I am so busy with my marketplace and some people may know that I love the product so much I entered into a Partnership to help get the word out there through Elegant Marketplace.com  

And the partnership was a ton of fun! From your personal experience, what would you suggest to other freelancers and agency owners in the community? This could relate to WP Feedback, or not, up to you.

If you are struggling with getting content out of your clients – please, please, please make use of this tool, it will pay for itself on the first project. 

Andrew’s Bio and where you can him

Andrew is the owner of Elegant Marketplace, Layouts Cloud, Page Builder Cloud, Layouts Manager and CommentLuv the bloggers favorite plugin and looks after the Developers, product updates and general maintenance of the Elegant Marketplace Websites. He also runs his own Online Consultancy in the UK under the banner of Somebody’s Hero.

You heard the man, WP FeedBack will show it’s value from the very first project you use it on! What are you waiting for?