WP FeedBack 1.2 – Full Redesign + Bug Fixes

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Happy holidays everyone! We have an awesome milestone we’re hitting with this update.After 25 updates in the past 6 months, we felt it’s time to wrap up the year with the ” .2 “. To celebrate that, we completely redesigned the tool! After building fast over the past months, we felt that the UI has become a little overwhelming, with …

“The biggest killer in profitability in this business and for most businesses in our opinion is communication.”

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This week’s case study is from Judd Dunagan, who is the founder of Bright Vessel. He’s been in the industry 20 years (which is actually insane if you think about it) meaning he has some crazy knowledge when it comes to every web related. Judd was nice enough to answer our questions, let’s see what he had to say! WordPress …


Announcing The Official WP FeedBack Design Community

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Happy Friday everyone! I’m pretty excited about this announcement. We’ve all experienced tunnel vision after looking at the same page for so long… The beautiful thing about the WordPress community is that there are always thousands of others that have already walked the same path as you set out for yourself. This community is designed around positive feedback and constructive criticism …

“If you are struggling with getting content out of your clients – please, please, please make use of this tool, it will pay for itself on the first project.”

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It’s been a while since our last case study, we are very happy to be posting one this week and it’s from none other than Andrew Palmer. Andrew has made huge waves in the WordPress space with Elegant Marketplace and has been an advocate for WP FeedBack since we started. Let’s dive in and see how WP FeedBack has changed …

WP FeedBack 1.1.8 – Global Settings

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We are proud to announce that we have implemented global settings on our centralized dashboard 😎👍 Our aim with the dashboard is to make sure you can manage all of your client’s websites with the utmost efficiency and the global settings does just that. Never waste time on setting up again Let’s imagine for a minute that you have 100 …

WPF at WordCamp US

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I’m writing these words on the flight over from London to Chicago, on my way to my first WordCamp US. This is also the first event WP FeedBack is sponsoring, but definitely not the last. Since launching WP FeedBack just a few months ago, I’ve been to 6 WordCamps. Some were bigger, some were more intimate, as a speaker, panelist …