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How To Manage Your Web Agency
Without Giving Up Your Life To Clients

WP FeedBack PRO makes managing your Web Agency easy,
with features & functionality developed specifically for you to ensure that projects go as smoothly as possible.
Whether you are working on 10 projects or 100.

Stop Your Clients From Being The Boss Of Your Web Agency

How We Make Managing Your Web Agency Easy

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Is This Really The Solution To Keeping
Clients Happy Without Sacrificing Your Sanity?

A Web Agency success largely depends on your client’s happiness.
Often though, you have to sacrifice so much of your time & money to keep them.
Stop going over deadlines & spending more money to complete a project than you’re making from it…

Keep More Of Your Profits While Keeping Clients Happy

Here’s How We Do It

Stop Using Emails, Spreadsheets, Word Docs & Phonecalls

I bet it’s hard to imagine your work day without emails, but picture it for a second…How amazing that would be?

  • Clients emailing you again & again about 1 problem
  • Getting phone calls before and after your workday
  • Clients being vague and you need to hunt issues down

Who decides what YOU use?

It’s not uncommon to be using different tools with different clients. Usually we use whatever they feel comfortable with without considering how it will affect our workflows.

  • Stop splitting your work processes up for your clients
  • Your client should never dictate how YOU work
  • One client uses Skype, the other uses WhatsApp…

It’s not costing you that much though, right?

Wrong…Let’s look at an example:

Your client emails you about...

color changes on a button on their website, but they don’t tell you where it is.

You send an email asking

1 day passes

You have 5 buttons on the homepage though

1 more day passes

Your client tells you the one on the bottom

1 day passes

Lucky for you, there was only 1 button at the bottom of the page. BUT you just spent 3 days resolving something that should have taken 30 seconds.

How much do you charge for 3 days of your time?

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How Does WP FeedBack PRO Stop This?

WP FeedBack PRO makes it easy to collaborate with your clients by allowing them to simply click a section on their website and make a request. Save up to 30% from your project completion time and provide a great service to your clients at every stage of a project

No More Emails

Get rid of emails and allow your clients to visually submit feedback and requests directly on their live website.

Tasks are assigned to specific points on a page, go directly to the task with the click of a button.

“But how does this replace emails?” All communications are in the website and added to your central dashboard automatically – Making it the only way you need to communicate with your clients

Make it Easy to Manage
Your Web Agency

Manage all of your client’s websites from the Central Dashboard. Tasks are created on the front-end of each website and neatly organised, making it easy for you to manage.

Go to directly to each task with the click of a button while even being auto-logged in, ensuring you and your team can get straight to work.

“How does it take me directly there?” A button on the Dashboard goes to the page and scrolls to the task using it’s unique ID.

Drag and Drop Workflows

Keep tasks organised and track progress so you’re always ahead of the game by dragging and dropping to set urgency and status.

Cut out weeks from your project delivery by easily keeping everything in order, whether you are working on 10 websites or 100 websites.

This Is Why WP FeedBack PRO
Has Been Used on 10,000 Websites

Brian Kato

Perhaps one of the best investments I’ve made this year — this software has streamlined the way I have clients review website builds. 

Adam Wills

Keep up the amazing work. The clients absolutely love it, and it has absolutely reduced the amount of time I’ve spent with this clients in in-person meetings and on phone calls. Love it!

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Success In Their Web Agency, When Will You?

Use WP FeedBack PRO and become the next success story.
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keeping their customers coming back.

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  • Support that gets you sorted in hours, not days
  • Updates every month with new features being added
  • A platform that is made specifically for YOU, a WordPress Web Agency
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