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Cut 50%-80% of project completion time by gathering content, approving designs & providing support  without using tons of different tools. Manage every stage of your client projects from one platform (whether you have 10 or 1,000 clients).

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WP FeedBack saves us hours of back and forth with our clients

“It removes all the ambiguity from the conversation, allowing us to literally get on the same page and resolve issues quicker. It’s a win-win-win!”
Troy Dean, WP Elevation

80% Of Your Project Time Is Spent On Client Communication

Do you really want to go back and forth between 100’s of confusing emails, WhatsApp messages, zoom calls & tons of different tools for  different stages of a project (prototyping, launching, providing support)?

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Here’s How WP FeedBack PRO Saves
50%-80% Of Your Time On Client Projects

No more back and forth. No more emails, calls, WhatsApp messages – No more confusion at
any point of the project. All of your client projects in one platform, cutting thousands of clicks and manual steps.

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Step 1 – Gather Content

Enable Your Clients To Give You Content Directly On Their Website

It’s easy because they can suggest content they want on each section and even upload images! Directly inside their website! They don’t even need to signup or login to make suggestions, it’s super easy to use.

My client's words:

“This is perfect! We don’t have to use other tools to discuss the website. It’s right in front of us!”
Paul Aswad – Touché Studio

Step 2 – Approve Designs

Understand Exactly What The Client is Suggesting

For every suggestion or comment your client makes, you get to see exactly where they are referring to, so you avoid the back and forth of asking what for more information.

For whatever comment your client makes, a screenshot is taken of their view automatically so you know exactly what they are seeing. No more back and forths.

The client doesn't even need to login!

They just need a link and they can start commenting without any login or technical knowledge.

This is a Quantum Leap for the project delivery

Chris Badgett – LifterLMS

Step 3 – Project Management

Suggestions & Requests Turn into Real Tasks Automatically

No more product management tools or searching through emails what to do next.

You can turn every comment into a task and:

  • Assign it to a team member
  • Define the priority of the task
  • Estimate how long it will take
  • Organize all of them in a Kanban (Trello like board)

Step 4 – Launch/Support

If Something Goes Wrong… You’ll Know Exactly Where and What The Problem Is

If your client reports an issue, you’ll know exactly how they experienced it.

You’ll know:

  • Where exactly they are talking about
  • Their screen-size, device and browser when commenting
  • How urgent they think they problem is
  • The exact view they saw when commenting with an auto-screenshot


It does nifty things like sending you the details of the client’s browser, operating system, etc. No special tools or logins required for my clients!
Dave Foy – No Stress WordPress

The Best Part…

All Of Your Clients In One Place With One Login

Whether you have 2, 10 or 100 clients, you can manage all of your WordPress projects from gathering content, approving designs & providing support all from one tool – Without having to login a million times.

  • All from one place, the Central Dashboard
  • All of your client websites,
  • All of your clients’ suggestions
  • All of your team’s tasks
  • All accessed with one login

Results From Real Freelancers and Agencies


How Andrew Delivered a 3 Week Website Project in 3 Days

Andrew shares how our platform allowed to double his revenue without hiring additional team members and 10Xed his agency’s profitability.


How Chuck Delivered Projects 2X Faster, Without Speaking With Clients

Chuck is managing 50+ Care Plan clients. Every request used to land on his desk before passed to the team. Now, he never speaks to clients and the job gets done by his team seamlessly.


How Gary Cut a 4 Month Project Down To Just 4 Weeks!

With WP FeedBack PRO, ALL of Gary’s communications are going through one tool, allowing him to save massive amounts of time. Now he doesn’t need to deal with vague client messages on WhatsApp and email.


How George Reduced His Project Completion Time From 5 Weeks to 10 Days

George is sharing his new process that reduced 75% of service delivery time. And how after chasing a client for 9 months, he installed our platform and the project was done and launched in 3 days.


How Dan Saves 3 Hours Every Single Day Using WP FeedBack PRO

Every morning Dan would visit his email inbox and for every email he would create a task in a spreadsheet to delegate to his team. With WP FeedBack PRO, it’s all done for him, saving him 3 hours EVERY DAY!.


How Eben Completed a 300+ Tasks in 3 Days Using WP FeedBack PRO

Eben scored his biggest project yet.
Throughout the project the scope doubled and the deadline remained the same. With WP FeedBack PRO he managed to collect more than 300 requests across 25 different stakeholders, prioritise AND complete all the tasks in just 3 days.

A Small Price To Cut Days & Weeks
From Every Single Client Project

For the amount you charge for an hour of work, you can pay for a yearly license for WP FeedBack PRO. This will cut days
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they are increasing project profitability by up to 80% without changing their prices, it’s your turn!



Per Month – Paid Yearly

For site owners and shop managers that need to collaborate with their website team efficiently.

  • 1 Domain – Switch domains freely.
  • Drop all communication time around the website by up to 60%.
  • Love it or get a full refund.
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Per Month – Paid Yearly

For freelancers and small agencies that need to get proper systems in place and increase profitability quickly.

  • 5 Domains – Switch domains freely.
  • Drop project completion time by up to 80% and keep the profit.
  • Love it or get a full refund.
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Per Month – Paid Yearly

For mid agencies who want to take their business to the next level by upgrading their processes.

  • 30 Domains – Switch domains freely.
  • Drop project completion time by up to 80% and keep the profit.
  • Love it or get a full refund.
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Per Month – Paid Yearly

For big agencies who want to keep growing while keeping up with all of their current clients.

  • 100 Domains – Switch domains freely.
  • Drop project completion time by up to 80% and keep the profit.
  • Love it or get a full refund.
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Need more than 100 websites? Book a call with our Founder so we can learn
about your processes and show you exactly how WP FeedBack PRO can drop your project and care plan time by half!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee For All Plans

You can try it for 30 days, add your client projects, work with clients on your dashboard, gather content, approve designs & provide support…And if don’t love it, we’ll give you a full refund.

All prices are in US Dollars, VAT not included.

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This has saved me so much time and confusion, and clients just love it

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